SHIMA provides supervision services for the different elements that make up a renewable energy plant, guaranteeing, since the beginning, the correct start-up of the installation to achieve maximum production.

We carefully evaluate each process to detect failures early in the process, which allows us to take corrective actions for the benefit of the client and guarantee compliance with the Occupational Risk Regulations. Our component inspection and supervision services cover different moments in the life cycle of a renewable energy project.

Supervision and inspection for the start up of projects

Advice / Planning Analysis / Supervision of electromechanical assembly of power transmission lines, transformer substations, uninterruptible power systems and Generating Sets for Wind farms / Photovoltaic / Conventional Parks.

  • Management of civil works and equipment installation.
  • Advice for purchasing electrical equipment.
  • Management of Technical Documentation.
  • Advice for hiring electromechanical assembly companies.
  • Audits to Suppliers and Contractors.
  • Advice and Participation in FAT and SAT tests of electromechanical equipment.
  • Management and operational supervision of the ET.
  • Supervision and control of subcontractors.
  • Review of deadlines.
  • Audit prior to signing the CAP (Provisional Park Acceptance).
  • Technical negotiation with the supplier for the CAD signature.