The logistics service aims to provide solutions tailored to our clients according to your needs through a deep understanding of the supply chain as well as with the development of know-how as a result of experience and operational ability in the sector.

Shima standards are based on a logistics service strongly committed to quality, the environment, and continuous improvement. We understand that time is a fundamental asset whose importance reduces costs and provides greater added value to our service.

Some of the developed activities:

  • Planning and coordination of material receptions.
  • Material management and storage.
  • Definition of Lay Out.
  • Order preparation (modular picking by operation).
  • Document and Control of physical stock.
  • Coordination and adaptation of needs according to production and assembly plans.
  • Transportation management (general cargo / special cargo).
  • Monitoring and registration in records.
  • Coordination with port and national suppliers.
  • Definition and management of indicators.
  • Reverse logistics, returns.
  • Projection of alerts due to stock failure.
  • Emergency purchases.
  • Tracking international shipments.
  • Management of shortages and spare parts.