We are committed to preserving the environment, biodiversity and landscape values.

We firmly believe in sustainability as a development paradigm, which is why all our services are cross-linked and articulated under this concept.

Observing throughout these years in wind farm constructions in Argentina, together with our team of environmental professionals we have developed an Environmental and Social Management Manual for the construction of wind farms.

The Manual provides information on the Environmental and Social Management System (SGAS)that companies should consider in their projects.


Our expertise allows us to carry out the environmental management of different projects, with the challenges inherent in their complexity:

  • We make all the plans and programs for each Project, considering the current environmental regulations, as well as the international criteria for good environmental practices.
  • We advise and manage all the necessary permits for the development of any environmentally sustainable project.
  • On site, we carry out detailed monitoring of training plans, monitoring and simulations.
  • We provide trainings in environmental matters, developing specific material for this.
  • We carry out environmental audits on site (waste management, effluents, etc.), proposing corrective and improvement actions.
  • We control environmental legal compliance, at the municipal, provincial and national levels.
  • We coordinate and participate in eventual meetings with -environmental- authorities, in order to align ourselves with the policies of each place.
  • We provide and advise on the hiring of environmental experts in environmental restoration tasks, birdlife monitoring, etc.