Wind Farm “ACHIRAS I”

The “ACHIRAS I” Wind Farm is located to the south west of the province of Córdoba.
The Park is accessed from the town of Achiras by Ruta Provincial No. 30 (about 10 km), then continue along Ruta Provincial No. 10 (about 4 km), continuing along Ruta Provincial No. 1 (about 8 km). There you get to a rural road, through which you must travel another 2 km until you reach the entrance to theAchiras Wind Farm..

It has a total area of ​​790 ac where 15 wind turbines were installed in their first stage of construction, which will develop and provide a maximum power of approximately 47.25 Mw to the interconnected system..

The wind turbines are composed of a 90-meter-high steel tower where the Nacelle is located, which by its movement on its hub arranged by three blades with a urning diameter of 126 meters, delivering a power of 3.15 Mw.
In this park, we only participated in the stage of assembly of the wind turbines and their start-up with personnel of different nationalities such as Brasil, Spain, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina, who worked in different activities and professions to achieve the desired objective.

A total of one (1) main crane and two (2) auxiliary cranes were used to assemble the wind turbines:

  • LR 1600 para montajes de T1, T2, T3, T4 y T5, Nacelle, Buje y Palas.
  • 2 grúas auxiliares para descarga de grandes componentes.
  • Health and safety responsibilities and regulations services.
  • Environmental control service on site.
  • Subcontractors control service.
  • Provision of EPP on site.