Every project, prior to being built, is made up of a set of plans, drawings, diagrams and texts, represented by an appropriate design.

The engineering of a renewable energy project has several aspects and important points to reach a correct execution, that fulfills its function during its useful life.

Our service corresponds to several items and begins with a set of preliminary studies prior to the execution and construction of a Renewable Energy project.

REVERSE Engineering

We have verification and optimization of projects already designed, such as roads, platforms, buildings and foundations.

The verification could not only correspond to detailed engineering and compliance with the country’s regulations but also to the correct execution on site.

Preliminary stages:
  • Geotechnical study needed to determine what type of soil found is on the site, for which this data is decisive, since based on it (among other important factors), the foundations of wind turbines, buildings, high voltage lines, etc. will be designed upon.
  • Hydraulic and hydrological study to later design and determine gutter in roads and platforms, speed bumps, culverts, etc.
  • Design of roads and platforms for heavy duty transport and storage of large components, always considering the type of soil of site.

Our team has specialists and consultants for the development of architecture and engineering of projects, complying with each of its stages.
The stages can be classified into:

  • Define needs and objectives of the project interacting with our clients to achieve the program and design of the basic scheme.
  • A preliminary project is used to display our creativity through preliminary plans and perspectives so that once it is approved by the client, we can advance on the final design.
  • Basic project, we develop the general description of the buildings, platforms, roads, speed bumps, sewers, etc. with its shape, functionality, distribution and construction system represented in plans and 3d simulations. At this stage, construction permits, and project registration are requested from the corresponding official entities.
  • Execution project, once we reached the end of the entire process, we work on the documentation of the basic project adding information and technical specs that will be delivered to the builder and the different contractors that explain in detail what materials and construction techniques should be used in the making of the project.

The correct design of the roads and platforms (in dimensions and structural package) fundamentally results in savings in movements of large equipment and in the optimization of logistics.

In the same way, it is beneficial, for the execution of the project, the proper design of bumps and culverts. This will avoid problems during the construction and operation stages.