Every day more and more companies see the benefits of reducing the risks to the health and safety of their employees, generating safer places and work environments.

Having optimal quality of service and continuous professional advice are tools that will allow you to certify management systems, comply with legal regulations, reduce accidents, optimize your productivity and control any potential risks.

All companies improve its performance by reducing the risks of incidents and accidents, guaranteeing safe operations for its employees and work environment.

According to the magnitude of the project, SHIMA develops and manages Hygiene Management and Safety on site, considering:

  • Creating Safety Programs or Occupational Health Plans and any complementary regulations according to the requirements of each region.
  • Management and monitoring in front of the corresponding entities.
  • To assist the work of a licensed and registered professional.
  • Hiring registered hygiene and safety technicians to provide technical assistance on site during the project period and according to the different construction stages.
  • Representation in front of principals.
  • Supervise risks in the working area.
  • Designation of personal protection elements according to the task and control of use.
  • Development of working rules and procedures.
  • Control of contractor companies.
  • Investigations of accident and incidents.
  • Fire load study.
  • Noise and lighting measurements.
  • Development of Emergency Plans, Evacuation Plans, and Self-Protection Manuals.