Foto: Agustin Bergalio

We are a company established in 2011 in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina.

Our beginnings were linked to industry and construction. Learning about the diversification of the national energy matrix, in 2016 we started projects related to Renewable Energy.

We specialize in the Wind sector, where we are a national and international referents.

Our commitment to sustainability pushes us to work every day, we are aware of the impact that our activities generate on the environment, and with it, we are in search for continuous improvement of all our products and services.

We work hard and with a strategic approach towards excellence; having the knowledge, technical means and excellent professionals that allow us to reach the maximum results for our clients. We are always oriented to creating value, protecting the environment and monitoring both health and safety.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”

(Chinese proverb)


Contribute to efficient management of companies in order to enhance your results through our professional services and advice. We generate added value both to organizations and to their employees, through interdisciplinary work and approaching the different issues from a competitive and comprehensive approach.


Committed to the fulfillment of our mission, we seek to position ourselves as a reference Service Company in the Region in Renewable Energy projects; enabling our clients to develop in a solid and trustworthy scenario; increasing your profitability and productivity in an environmentally responsible way, taking care of the health and safety of the personnel.


  • Teamwork. Which is manifested in support, consensus, respect and trust; sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Customer service. Developing capabilities to capture and satisfy your expectations.
  • Adaptability to change. Through the ability to make their own behaviors and work systems more flexible in front of varying environments.
  • Innovation and creativity. Based on the generation and development of new ideas and solutions.
  • Results oriented. Bearing in mind the objectives of the organizations, assuming responsibility for the results as their own.