The Wind Farm “Vientos Neuquinos I” s located in the “Bajada Colorada” area located between the towns of Piedra del Águila and Picun Leufu in the province of Neuquén.

It has a total area of 6.432 ac ha where are installed 29 wind turbines who develop and provide a maximum power of approximately 100 Mw to the interconnected system..

Wind turbines are made up of one 120-meter-high concrete tower where the Nacelle is located with a turning diameter of 130 meters, delivering 3.4 Mw power.

During construction, there were a total of 436 people of different nationalities for example Venezuelan, Brazilian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Chilean, Uruguayan and Argentine, who performed in various activities and professions to achieve the desired goal.

The different tasks that a work of these magnitudes requires were made according to the following technical data:

  • 186.000 m2 of road clearing.
  • 100.485 m2 of clearing terrain of platform for cranes.
  • 112.834 m2 of clearing of internal roads for the movement of moving cranes.
  • 200.00 m2 of clearing for the installation of a concrete plant.
  • 83.75 0m2 of clearing for construction areas and collection fields.

A total of 3 main cranes were used to assemble the wind turbines:

  • Liebherr LR1400 (400TN) for assembly of blades.
  • XCMG QUY650 for T1, T2 and T3 mounting.
  • Terex Demag SL3800 (650TN) for mounting of T4, T5, Nacelle and hub.
  • General management service in HSE on site.
  • Advice and Responsibilities of Hygiene and Security services.
  • Preparation of the General Environmental Management Plan.
  • Environment service on site.
  • Logistic Service. (Reception of large components and warehouse management).
  • Purchase management service on site.
  • TSA Quality Service (Wind Turbine Assembly Controls).