The high degree of technical training and independence of SHIMA professionals allows us to offer our clients technical assistance services in quality control activities and quality assurance of the work in each and every one of the construction phases of renewable energies facilities.

Each type of installation has its own challenges. However, the actions that are carried out within the quality control and start-up are all commons and general.

The items that we develop are the following:

  • Review of quality documentation: procedures and Inspection Plans (PPI’s), qualifications of subcontractors.
  • Quality control coordination of execution, as well as preparation of dossiers documents, according to the development of the project.
  • Preparation of dossiers and the necessary information on issues related to the quality of project execution for the provisional request for start and for the final commissioning request
  • Reception and inspection of construction materials.
  • Control of the execution and of the documentation generated by the welding subcontractors and welders: approvals, control of radiography, results.
  • Supervision, verification and acceptance of tests in the following fields:
    1. Civil works: concrete, concrete spills, topographic protocols.
    2. Tightening torques and element alignment.
    3. Assembly of the structures.
    4. Visual inspection, Non-Destructive Testing, thermography.
  • Collaboration in the necessary steps, in matters of the quality of execution, for the legalization of equipment and facilities.
  • Final start up tests of the installation:
    1. Complete operation of the installation.
    2. Test protocols.
    3. Determine the total performance of the installation.